Newsstand ( BANCA)

Public Instalation at
Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
what happens to art when it is desired to engage people and places beyond the conditions relatively confined in the institutional sphere, bringing together audiences for a long period?
what happens when public participation becomes negotiation and co-production within multiple streams meetings?
with: Paula Lobato, Robson Ferreira, Otávio Arcanjo, Emídio Souza and other many collaborators. 

The newsstand started as a space for researching the production of local artists as well as being a collective production device. Build a library on the street, as well as a space for actions, performances and collaborations with different initiatives. Over  three years, more than 500 items have been offered for sale and / or attached to the newsstand library. The library was built based on the agreement, when possible, for the donation of a unit of the same publication offered for sale. In many cases, the newsstand has created a direct relationship with independent producers and book presses , in addition to participating in fairs and producing publications.

Guide for a
newstand, 2016

11a Bienal de Arquitetura
de São Paulo

Advertising/ Industrial Sculpture  
Durability and Resistance: Totally produced in galvanized steel sheet, in its internal, external and chassis devices. Ceiling lining in folded and anti-theft welded sheet profile. Lined showcases on the inside of the stand External walls folded in reinforced profile. Safety: Super reinforced internal latches. Padlock door on the front doors. Tetra-key locks. Front roll-up doors in galvanized striped strips. Flexibility in internal and external design. Rounded columns in polycarbonate or galvanized steel sheet, hollow or not; exhibitors or not. Awning in honeycomb polycarbonate or steel plate. Automotive paint or synthetic enamel. Internal customization with triple, quadruple, inverted displays, flat countertops, cabinets with sliding doors among other infinite possibilities. Unsurpassed quality. BANCAFORTE newsstands are built to last more than 20 years, so they are manufactured with the best raw materials on the market.