Notation (broken series)
coins, magnetics,
Paris [FR] 2020
Lucas Kröeff is a Brazilian visual artist. He develops his works in a interface between independent initiatives, art institutions and book publishers, producing Installations, objects, books, videos and ephemeral collective experiments. Kröeff explores the relationship between history, politics, collective imagination and the construction of his own subjectivity, in a process of building exchange networks as well as a systematic procedures for organizing everyday life bringing concepts and poetic incursion. His works have already been presented at 11th São Paulo Architecture Biennial, Cambridge Museum of Technology, São Paulo Cinematheque, Museum of Mines and Metal in Belo Horizonte, IIIX International Festival of Videoart of Barcelona, ARCOMadrid among other institutions and art galleries. In 2015 he received the Sustainability Art Prize in Cambridge (UK).
As part of his process, Lucas Kröeff actively develops book covers and book collections in an intricacy between concepts and forms of drawing with alphabets. He has already made book covers for Masha Alyokhina, Félix Guattari, Harriet Jacobs, Walter Benjamim, Franz Kafka, Fernando Pessoa, Celso Favaretto, Paul D. Escott, Baudelaire, Machiavelli, HP Lovecraft, Fernand Deligny, Stéphane Mallarmé and many other authors.


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Selected Projects

Discurso de Posse. Published in the newspaper O Turvo, São Paulo [BR] 2020

Hotline, collaboration with Martina Morger. Residency Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris [FR] 2020

Incomplete Lexicon of Art, ARCOMadrid. Madrid [SP]

Art Agency, in collaboration with Ana Ballester, Cité Internationale des Arts. Paris [FR]

Quadradocirculo, in collaboration with Hedra editions. São Paulo [BR] 2019

Alan 14 Romualdo 14222, curated by Bia Bittencourt, Casa Plana. São Paulo [BR]

Nada, mas na Cinemateca Brasileira, curated by Bia Bittencourt, Cinemateca Brasileira. São Paulo [BR]

Sétimo Andar (Brickworks), Almeida Art Residency. Belo Horizonte [BR] 2017

Newstand (Banca), temporary public instalation. Belo Horizonte [BR]

Residencies & Awards

Cité Internationale des Arts. Paris [FR] 2020

ESPAI, oriented by Nydia Negromonte e Marcelo Drummond. Belo Horizonte [BR] 2014

Sustainability Art Prize [Awarded], Global Sustainability Institute. Cambridge [EN]
2015 and 2016

Video nas Aldeias, oriented by Divino Tserewahú, UFMG Winter Festival of Diamantina [BR] 2013

Resgate:Maletta, Residência Restaurante Popular. Belo Horizonte. [BR] 2013

Casa da Cidade oriented by Graziela Kunsch, Wellington Cançado, Fernanda Regaldo, Tande Campos. Diamantina [BR] 2012
Selected group exhibitions
and festivals

Amanhã há de ser outro dia, Demain sera un autre jour, curated by Sofía Lanusse,
SAMStudio Iván Argote - Les Grandes-Serres de Pantin.
Paris [FR] 2020

Um erro Inesperado Aconteceu, curated by Nydia Negromonte and Marcelo Drummond, Galeria Periscópio. Belo Horizonte [BR] 2019

Timeline 4. Festival Internacional de Video Arte. Curated by Joacélio Batista and Carlos Magno.
Belo Horizonte [BR]

Xenon, Galeria Mamacadela. Curated by Ian Gavião e Felipe Filgueiras. Belo Horizonte [BR] 2018

11a Bienal de Arquitetura de São Paulo.
Curated by Marcos Rosa. 
São Paulo [BR]

FIF - Festival Internacional de Fotografia. Belo Horizonte [BR] 2017

Mostra Curto Circuito:Piolho Nababo+EDITORA+4y25, curated by Gabriela Carvalho,  Galeria GTO Sesc Paladium. Belo Horizonte [BR] 2016
Nowhere Project, Sustainability Art Prize [Awarded], Global Sustainability Institute, Ruskin Gallery. Cambridge [EN]

Conversations with Time, Cambridge Museum of Technology. Cambridge [EN]

Sustainability Art Prize [Awarded], curated by Sergio Fava - Global Sustainability Institute, Ruskin Gallery. Cambridge [EN]  2015

Cabezas Flutuantes, Museu das Minas e do Metal. Belo Horizonte [BR] 2015

Bang Festival: IIIX International Festival of Video art of Barcelona [SP] 2014

Expedição-Publicação, curated by Nydia Negromonte and Marcelo Drummond, ESPAI. Belo Horizonte [BR] 2014

Dia-Mundo, curated by Rodrigo Brum, EXA (Espaço Experimental de Arte). Belo Horizonte [BR]

Cartografias do Comum, curated by Indisciplinar, Espaço UFMG do Conhecimento. Belo Horizonte [BR] 2014

Copa do Mundo 2014 (MAPA:/), curated by Gabriela Carvalho, Sesc Palladium. Belo Horizonte [BR]
Research groups

Quadradocirculo 2019 - on going São Paulo [BR] Editor and partner. Art plataform in Brazil and France focused on the production of conceptual books.

Hedra Editions 2019 - on going São Paulo [BR] Editor and art director. Contributes by developing visual identities and graphic designs.

Newstand (Banca) 2016 - 2019 Belo Horizonte [BR] Project for collective creation in art and education. Newstand located in the city of Belo Horizonte for the commercialization of independently produced publications, a street library open to the public, workshops and performances.

Casa Plana
São Paulo [BR]
Curator for site specific art propositions.

São Paulo [BR]
Coordinates the graphic
production in publishing.

Belo Horizonte [BR]
Cosmópolis is a research group dedicated to the investigation of the spatial practices that constitute the multiple cosmologies, insurgencies and urban coexistences, the group aims to study, prototype and spread new imaginary to everyday life through curatorships, actions, pedagogies, projects and editorial experiments, and in dialogue with the arts, politics and traditional knowledge.

London/ Cambridge [EN]
Collaborative art plataform focused on  reseachs, exhibitions and publishing around the concept of apropriation, copyright and decolonialism.

School of
Architecture and Design/ Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Bachelor of Design. Belo Horizonte [BR]

2014 -2016
Cambridge School of Art - Ruskin School - Anglia Ruskin University. Cambridge, [EN] Scholarship by CNPQ