Impeachment shoes ( Impeachment), 2020

Palácio da Alvorada, Marcel Gautherot

At the end of the eighties, a small shoe brand called Impeachment appeared in the interior of Brazil, with models of resistant shoes, made in leather. With a surprising rubber sole where the drawing of the map of Brazil can be found together with a representation of the pillars of Alvorada, an architectural symbol of the president's official residence, added to the brand name Impeachment, numbering and the inscription Amazonas.

Many of these shoes were probably made in the city of Manaus in the north of Brazil, and later, produced in the footwear poles of Minas Gerais, Southeast region, and thus becoming popular in the capital Belo Horizonte. These were probably distributed in the interior of the state and in the capital, becoming known when they met a demand for white leather shoes, serving health professionals, but also becoming popular among young people in a small variety of models in black, cream and brown leather .

At that time, in 1992, President Fernando Collor de Mello was impeached in the country. Denounced by his own brother, Pedro Collor de Mello, who revealed a billion-dollar corruption scheme involving Paulo César Farias (PC Farias), Collor then became the first president of Latin America to be removed from the position of president.